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"Bründl's music is born out of silence. This is the only way that it comes from the center and has the necessary physicality."

Manfred Bründl  bass   

Sammy Lukas  piano, keys   

Tom Friedrich  drums


SWR Jazz Prize

Munich Jazz Prize


Bründl's current compositions are reminiscent of his own musical past. They appear in a completely new context, groovy and contemporary at the same time. He cultivates a unique symbiosis of jazz elements and electronic music and creates gentle, harmoniously complex compositions. Everything is dedicated to the creativity of the moment.

The bassist unites musical opposites into a unique mix and takes the audience on a musical journey of discovery. His songbook sprinkles musical quotes into a fascinating flow that effortlessly slides back and forth between traditional jazz, cosmic electronica and avant-garde.

“Manfred Bründl is, as it should be for a bass player, a sensitive companion, a pulse generator in the underground and a designer at the same time. This is also evident in the compositions, whereby the harmonic, rhythmic introductions are particularly catchy and at the same time form a certain tonal counterpoint. "


17th August 2019

BrumaBruma! (1987), Basslab (1990) and Silent Bass (2005)

now follows the current trio DOUBLE IMAGE.


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