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zwieSHEN: The Georgia Edition 2021

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July 2021 live! Tbilisi and Tsinandali, Georgia

.Zaza Miminoshvili • guitar, comp. & arr

Manfred Bründl • double bass

Lexo Chumburidze • lead dance

Misho Javakhishvili • lead vocals

George Salagishvili.• percussion, drums

Frederik Köster • trumpet

Special guests:

Gaga Abashidze • vocals

Lasha Bedenashvili • vocals

Samaia is the name of this unique German-Georgian music project by Manfred Bründl, bassist and professor at the University of Music FRANZ LISZT Weimar and the Georgian guitarist, composer and arranger Zaza Miminoshvili.


This special concert format focuses on the musical dialogue that develops between two cultures: Archaic Georgian male chants, sacred and at the same time full of folkloristic exuberance, take an unexpected turn. 

Surprisingly complex and varied, the mystical Tbilisi Mugham, a form of the ancient Maqam, merges with the German Zwiefacher, a traditional Bavarian dance.

Combined with lively, highly virtuoso jazz, this creates a unique musical dialogue and new sounds.

Aleksandre “Lexo” Chumburidze, one of Georgia’s most renowned dancers, will set Samaia’s music into dance - »folklore imaginaire« in the best sense.



The ensemble invites you to a concert introduction and workshops aimed at professional musicians, singers, dancers, students, and amateurs.

Under the guidance of this top-class ensemble who’s members are all long-termed experienced lecturers of international standing, the course participants have the unique opportunity to participate in this extraordinary crossover project which combines elements of jazz with Georgian sounds and dances.

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